Laboratory Services

A clean and safe environment is primary requirement for health and quality of life. Yuva Enviro Experts contributes to this by providing the excellent testing, monitoring and consultancy services to great range of industrial companies, environmental consultants, consultants & government authorities. We provide lab testing services for water, air, soil, waste and other products to asses their quality and impact on health of the environment

Water Testing - We Have NABL Accredited Lab

Water is the most important resource we have, and it is vitally important for all of us. So, in many countries it is the object of numerous environmental laws and regulations.

Yuva Enviro Experts with its wide range of assays in water analysis

  • Drinking Water
  • Surface Water
  • Monitoring of industrial sites
  • Ground Water
  • Process and Cooling Water
  • Hospital Hygiene
  • Mineral and table water
  • Leachate Analysis
  • Quality Control
  • Bathing and Seawater
  • Offshore Drinking Water
  • Treatment Plant Monitoring
  • Waste Water
  • Legionella Testing

Air Testing

The testing of air and flue gas is very important to maintain our quality of living. Yuva Enviro Experts uses a very large selection of methods, under international approved quality systems and the relevant accreditation and approvals. Our highly trained experts have built fair experience and knowledge over the years.

We provide wide range of Air Testing Services

  • Emissions
  • Industrial hygiene
  • RenoSens
  • Air monitoring
  • Indoor air
  • Screenair Indoor
  • Soil Gas
  • Calibration of measuring systems

Soil Testing

For soil investigation and soil remediation projects the testing of environmentally relevant parameters on soil and groundwater is of great importance. Yuva Enviro Experts performs testing on routine parameters like heavy metals, TPH, PAH, EOX, aromatics, VOCs and pesticides, as well as non-standard parameters like glycols and phthalates using a wide range of modern techniques including ICP-AES, ICP-MS, (LVI)-GC/MS, HPLC and LC-MS. The pre-treatment and analytical methods that we currently use fully comply with national standards.

We providing following services for soil testing.

  • Polluted sites and soil
  • Sediment and sludge
  • Building Materials
  • Compost
  • ChemFingSOIL

Waste Testing

Yuva Enviro Experts carried a great experience in testing of organic and inorganic pollutants. we providing following services for waste testing

  • Sampling
  • Transfer Tests
  • Eco-toxicological tests
  • Characterization and chemical analysis
  • Soil recycling


  • ETP, STP & ZLD Projects – Design & Supply.