Solid and Liquid Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous wastes consist of complex mixtures of a large variety of compounds like liquid, gaseous, solid or waste substance. Industries and development business needs to very careful about the management of the hazardous waste.

Hazardous waste has become major concern worldwide. Incineration is waste management technology. It is used to treat the waste which cannot be economically recycled. Incineration process converts waste into the ash, flue gas, particulates & heat. The flue gases are cleaned before dispersing in the atmosphere.

Yuva Enviro Experts offers hazardous waste management services for wide range of waste. Our team of experts providing you the analysis report for different types of the waste. We use PLC controlled system to ensure failsafe and error free operation.

Primary Furnace

The waste is charged into this chamber through special waste feeding systems to ensure no exposure of people working near the furnace. The waste is incinerated in this furnace in oxygen rich atmosphere. In this furnace waste is decomposed into volatile gases and carbonaceous material. The furnace is maintained under negative draft and the low velocity of gases helps in minimizing carryover of particulate matter. The furnace temperature is closely controlled between 850 Deg C & 900 Deg C using Auto operation of Burner. The ashes are removed from the furnace after operation from Ash Door.

Secondary Furnace

The Flue gases coming from the primary furnace containing volatiles & unburnt carbonaceous material is burnt in secondary furnace in turbulent conditions. Complete oxidation of the flue gases is ensured by maintaining temperature above 1000 Deg C & supply of additional Air. A proper residence time is ensured for complete destruction of all volatiles.

Safety Interlocks

  • Automatic On/OFF of Fuel Burners corresponding to Low & High Temperature of Furnace.
  • Automatic shutdown of entire system in case of tripping of ID fan or Recirculation Pump.
  • No Waste loading unless temperature of Primary & secondary Furnace reaches desired temperatures.
  • Realtime temperature logs and recording of alarms and other incidences to know the exact mode of operation.
  • Venting of Exhaust gases from primary & secondary furnace in case of power failures or emergency shutdowns to prevent any accident or damage to the system.


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